Greetings from your Rector, October 2020

Dear friends,
This month we have been asked to write how the churches have fared during lockdown.  The first thing to note is that the churches didn’t close, the buildings did, but the churches are the people. 

As church we responded by creating a prayer leaflet, putting our services online- on both Facebook and Youtube- creating a phone line for those not online to access some of the service, and a podcast which is mainly used for prayer services.  Members of our congregations have been phoning one another and looking after each other wonderfully and some have engaged with Bible courses and prayer courses during the lockdown period. 

As I write this it looks likely that Covid-19 will disrupt our Advent and Christmas services in the same way it disrupted Easter.  It is not all bad news though.  The closure of our buildings encouraged us to be creative.  We drew crosses on our palms for Palm Sunday, sharing the images online to create a collage; and Good Friday’s Stations of the Cross was broadcast live from the Rectory front lawn.  It looks likely that our popular Crib services, Christingle services and Messy Churches will have to take place virtually this year. 

The legacy of this pandemic will be that our local churches will never be the same again.  Since the rules have relaxed St Mary’s Kinnerley has opened for worship.  The prohibition of singing and the wearing of masks make worship together in person difficult, and it is fair to say that many are finding the rules imposed by the national church frustrating.  Now with the introduction of Boris’ already infamous Rule of 6, when we will be allowed to sing again inside or outside our church buildings remains uncertain.

During these times of crisis and trauma it can be easy to complain about everything- we are British after all!  As communities we must celebrate the beauty of where we are and the low incidence of the virus in this area.  There are many places that have been badly impacted by coronavirus and we should not take our good fortune for granted.

Yours in Christ
Revd Chris.