Kinnerley Mothers' Union 



As members of Kinnerley Mothers' Union and due to the so called "rule of six" it is not possible to say when we will be able to meet again. 
At least we have the " Families World Wide " magazine and prayer diary to link us all together.
Every day we can pray for Mothers' Union members across the world, including in this country. There are members in 80 different countries from the Americas, to Europe, all over Africa, India, Australia and many many more.
One of the most important works Mothers' Union does is the Literacy and Numeracy programmes. This has been very successful. Enabling women with no, or very little education, to run their own small businesses, and pay for their children's education. Thereby,  pulling their families, and hopefully the next generation, out of poverty.
It is truly a very worthwhile charity to support. 
I do hope we will meet again soon. 
Keep safe and well.
Sue B.